Habeo Group, founded in 2022, consists of strong, regional, and entrepreneurially oriented companies. Group companies include Afire Oy, ESP Group, HSK Sähkö Oy, Neloset Group, Respect companies, SFT Finntekniikka Oy, Sähkö Oy Turku & Helsinki and Vaasan Kylmäkone Oy.

Group Management Team

Kari Kohvakka


Habeo Group Oy’s CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the group and implementation of the strategy according to plan. He reports to the Board of Directors of the company. Kari Kohvakka has previous experience in leading an international company from Sumitomo SHI FW and Amec Foster Wheeler. Before that, he served in a leadership position in Maintpartner Oy.

Antti Heinola


The CFO of Habeo Group Oy has the main responsibility for the management of the group’s funds as well as for the implementation of control and reporting processes. CFO Antti Heinola has previously worked for YIT Corporation, Caverion Corporation and Kreate Group Plc.

Heli Koskinen

Head of HR

Habeo Group Oy’s Head of HR is responsible for the group’s human resources, occupational safety and internal communications. Heli Koskinen has previously worked as a HR Director for Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka and Bravida, and most recently in charge of HR for Jatke group.

Klaus Castrén

Head of M&A and Business Development

Klaus manages Habeo’s M&A process and development initiatives in close collaboration with the rest of Habeo management. Prior to joining Habeo, Klaus worked at VALOR Partners as a management consultant responsible for demanding Strategy, Business Development and M&A projects.

Antti Nousiainen

Neloset Group

Hannu Kauppi

HSK Sähkö Oy

Antti Virtanen

Afire Oy

Veli-Markku Nieminen

ESP Group

Petja Pietiläinen

Respect Project Oy

Jyri Peuranen

SFT Finntekniikka Oy

Habeo Group’s Board of Directors

The Chairman of Habeo Group’s Board of Directors is Kari Kauniskangas. The members of the Board of Directors are Sara Damberg, Per Frankling and Hannamari Koivula.

Triton in brief

Triton is an investment firm that invests in mid-sized companies in northern Europe, Italy and Spain. It focuses particularly on companies with the potential to create sustainable, long-term value across economic cycles in a changing economic situation. Triton works closely with the management of owned companies to achieve the set targets.


Our mission is to take care of property and people. We continuously develop our work community. We monitor work safety and wellbeing, and we aim to be the most attractive employer in the industry.

With our services, we ensure that technical building services are working well and efficiently. By doing this, we promote society’s transition towards a more resource-wise future. By monitoring our own operations, we can identify the indirect impacts of our subcontracting and supply chain and our services.

Our values

Our shared values – entrepreneurial spirit, focus on solutions, collaboration and caring – are the foundation of our operations.