About us

Operating locally is an advantage also in the real estate business. To find the best solutions, we must know the special characteristics of the site and be close to the client. To know how to prepare, listen and take care all at the right time.

We at Habeo want to do good in Finland. Our tool is technical building services, with which we improve the value of property for the good of its owners and users.

We are a group of top experts who can provide you with all the technical building services you need, tailored to your requirements, from one place. Our services cover a wide range of technical building services and solutions. Our core competences include heating, plumbing and sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical works, cooling and refrigeration, fire safety and automation. We also carry out smaller renovation and repair jobs that have technical building services in a key role.

We ensure that you have the latest knowhow and familiar contacts at your disposal, allowing you to fulfil all requirements and expectations. We will also tell you openly and honestly if something doesn’t work, because we do not compromise on reliability or work safety.

Technical building services – smoothly

Habeo’s strategy

The core of our strategy is formed by strong local expertise and holistic technical building services knowhow close to the client. In line with our strategy, we have acquired successful, locally operating companies specialised in technical building services, with a strong role and good record in their operating area.

We are Finland’s fifth-largest player in the industry. We continue to implement our strategy through acquisitions that suit our service portfolio in Finland.

Group companies benefit from our strong and financially sound principal owner Triton, who provides extensive industrial, strategic and operative knowhow to our companies. With Habeo Group’s joint group functions, we also get synergy benefits in internal functions such as the development of financial administration, procurement, work safety and personnel.

Key figures

some 120

million euros in net sales (pro forma 2022)

some 600

technical building service experts


group companies


Our shared values, defined together with the personnel of our group companies, are the foundation of our operations. Working at Habeo means caring not only about real estate, but about people as well. Together, we create profitable business in which jobs are completed on time, property and services evolve and people discover new strengths within themselves.


Entrepreneurial spirit


Focus on solutions