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Habeo Group

Habeo Group comprises strong, regionally operating companies, which together serve the whole of Finland. We are a group of top experts who can provide you with all the technical building services you need, tailored to your requirements. We also carry out smaller renovation and repair jobs that have technical building services in a key role.

Working at Habeo means caring not only about property, but about people as well. Together, we create profitable business in which jobs are completed on time, property and services evolve and people discover new strengths within themselves.

Habeo’s story

Operating locally is an advantage also in the real estate business. To find the best solutions, we must know the special characteristics of the site and be close to the client. To know how to prepare, listen and take care  all at the right time. Our tool is technical building services, with which we improve the value of property for the good of its owners and users.


Habeo Group emerges as a new significant provider of technical building services

Habeo Group Oy (Habeo) is a new provider of technical building services, offering smaller renovation and restoration jobs in addition to technical building services. The Group was established when eight successful, regionally operating companies joined Habeo.

We are Habeo

Habeo Group currently comprises eight regionally operating companies. Together, we provide services across Finland.

Contact us

On our Contact us page, you can find the contact persons of Habeo Group and information on how to reach us.